Success case – SITE Chile and OfficeTrack: A complete and innovative solution to improve business performance

SITE Chile

Site Chile has more than 20 years of experience developing solutions to meet the telecommunications companies need. The strong and strategic alliances they have established with their business partners have given them the background and prestige to design innovative world-class technology solutions, applying their ANY3 methodology (Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow).

SITE Chile has a customer service area in the after-sales modality, meeting the requirements and managing the technical and human resources with the objective of responding and solution to requests for failures, guarantees and budgets.

Business Challenge

Site Chile’s new wireless telecommunications Business division started its operations by providing the site survey service for technology updating for ENTEL, a telecommunications company with stringent quality standards. Site Chile detected their information from field was poor quality, and far of standard they had defined for their records on paper. Additionally, this information was inopportune, incoherent and the photos in many cases were useless. This resulted in having to make new visits to the sites to complement the previous information.

Why Officetrack? 

It was implemented OfficeTrack as part of the work process for the recording and monitoring of the progress of the field work.  The solution contemplated a second phase of data export to BOX for external storage and file query purposes.

OfficeTrack solution

The deployment of OfficeTrack allowed them, to improve the quality of the data obtained in the field, to establish a standard of work, to review quickly the status of the executed and pending works, and who made them, to implement their policies of gratifications to their staff. It has also allowed them immediacy expense personnel remotely, when they are very far from headquarters, keeping them informed about the expenses of their vehicles at all times.

The execution time of the tasks is determined and now they know their processes, they know wasted times are more realistic, and they avoid second visits to the sites. Identification and traceability of expenses and damages on vehicles by means of a vehicle reception report via OfficeTrack.  By means of the export of data to BOX, it was achieved order and speed in the search of files and photos to provide to its customers.

OfficeTrack has allowed them to open and support new business units such as maintenance, energy backup, energy efficiency and scaffold assembly/dismantling, and continue to grow.

A third stage is expected to generate dashboards from the information collected for process improvement and deliver better decision tools for its customers.

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