Success Case – Sosna Moving successfully implements OfficeTrack proof of delivery and scheduling solution


OfficeTrack scheduling and Proof of Delivery solution is Implemented successfully in a leading logistic and delivery company in Israel. Sosna Moving selected OfficeTrack solution to automate the delivery process and manage resource planning to reduce cost and gain efficiency.


About Sosna Moving:

Sosna Moving is a leader TPL (3rd party logistics) in the field of shipping and distribution. the company has championed the values ​​of reliability, professionalism, and transparency, all of which accompanied best in line customer service. The company’s high standards have resulted in its rapid growth and become a major player in this field.


Sosna moving manage around 2,000 delivery per day for B-2-B & B-2-C customers.


Business Challenge

Sosna was looking for automated solution to optimize delivery, improve delivery time and reduce costs.  There was a great need to ensure that delivery can be done same day or within a specific timeline and customer satisfaction is kept.


Why OfficeTrack?  

Sosna Moving selected OfficeTrack WFM solution due to its scalable and flexible platform enabling freight management and empowering the workforce with real-time access to logistics and freight information to better serve customer.


OfficerTrack module such as task management and workflow process, resource scheduling, delivery booking to includes end user interaction sending ongoing notification about their package and delivery status. The system also includes barcode creation, barcode scan, images, signatures and tracking information as part of its proof of delivery functionalities.


OfficeTrack WFM solution is modular and scalable, it is successfully powering many large and medium size transport and logistics companies.


Dudy , COO of Sosna Movings, said, “We saw that OfficeTrack could do what we wanted, and we  had clear ideas about how they needed to manage their business practices and we knew we could fully support those processes in OfficeTrack.


How OfficeTrack solution design to serve Sosna needs

Sosna ERP system is integrated with OfficeTrack to ensure delivery process is automated, 2,000 delivery orders are creating in OfficeTrack daily. Sosna is using smart booking to schedule those orders and on emand tasks which are being created on the fly. By doing so Sosna gain efficiency in planning team’s  workload while increase customer satisfaction.


OfficeTrack optimization is creating a route for each driver and updated with delivery time.


The drivers receive their route on the mobile device, scanned orders before it is being uploaded to truck and scanned it again once it is delivered to the customer. Sosna is also using OfficeTrack proof of delivery form to record location, time and signature once delivery is completed.


Using OfficeTrack solution accuracy is maintained while operator efficiency is increased, and management gains better visibility on daily operation.


As a fully integrated transport software solution, OfficeTrack enables administration and operational efficiencies, improved customer service, detailed reporting capabilities and reduced revenue leakage.


Dudy Sosna COO:


We enjoyed the partnership with OfficeCore, OfficeTrack understood our specific needs and had a robust system that could scale with our business,” said Dudy.  Officetrack professional team was confident in the design of the solution, integration and implementation in the field, which included direct support directly from the field. OfficeTrack system enables us to provide our customers with reliable service because we are the only ones who bring the market to the home.

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