Success Case – Tadiran successfully implements cloud-based OfficeTrack solution, accomplishing excellent results

OfficeTrack – Customer Story – ‘Tadiran Group’ Air Conditioners

Implementation of a cloud solution for Booking, Optimization and mobile reporting supporting of service calls for field’s technicians

Tadiran Group specializes in air conditioning with almost 100 field teams providing services and installations to private homes, businesses and institutional customers.


Recently, OfficeTrack solution was implemented successfully in Tadiran Group, providing comprehensive solution for managing technicians operation. 


Using OfficeTrack solution new installation requests and repair tickets are being handled efficiently. From coordinating/ booking service time with the customer, assigning tech automatically and reporting on service completion using tech’s mobile.

  • – OfficeTrack system used by Tadiran’s call center reps to coordinate arrival time of technician (booking) based on techs availability by type of work and geographic areas
  • – OfficeTrack used to manage smart dispatch of technics based on technician’s location, distance, skill, capacity, tech’s work hours and cost
  • – Tech’s schedule is sent directly to his OfficeTrack Mobile app along with a reminder message to end customer
  • – During tech working day, OfficeTrack App is used to confirm and report task status use of spare parts, additional accessories and collects payments from the customer, (on-line credit card payment directly from OfficeTrack App)


By using OfficeTrack solution Tadiran benefits from enhanced customer service, better control of call center about work progress and inform the customer about delays to includes sending out post service satisfaction survey to end users

Tadiran used OfficeTrack API to integrate Tadiran’s SAP Enterprise Information System to OfficeTrac.

Tadiran main benefits from OfficeTrack solution implementation

  • – Shortening the call duration of the call center with end customers, using OfficeTrack’s Booking module for capacity management.
  • – Automatic job’s assignments to technicians, using OfficeTrack optimization
  • – On Line automatic Push of service calls & tasks to field technicians, based om OfficeTrack App sync for tasks, spare parts, messages and so on
  • – Updating field technicians’ fulfilment reports and inventory usage directly to SAP while saving major work in Tadiran’s back office and preventing typing mistakes
  • – Improving customer’s experience and service level following OfficeTrack notifications for ETA, reminders, service reports by email and survey

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