Success case – VLI chose OfficeTrack for a greater control of its drivers

VLI is a transportation service company, logistics, and solutions for supply chain management, with customers throughout Colombia, specializing in the receipt of inventory, in the handling of goods, picking of goods, confidence in the process of enlistment, consolidation and distribution of the product.
They combine vehicles, crews, maintenance management systems, simulation and optimization, traceability systems, plus a strong administrative process.


VLI did not have software that had the versatility required by its multiple operations of transport and logistics, which was a very complex task, the control of drivers, fulfills and news in real time from the delivery of home appliances, to deliveries from store to store products, going through the general logistics of urban distribution and cross docking.


OfficeTrack is a complete and flexible solution that supports operations in the field that aims to provide a high-quality service and optimal interaction with end customers and activities schedule. Based on intelligent planning and online monitoring, OfficeTrack improves the experience by providing real-time updates, managing tasks and work orders performed by the field collaborator, provides extensive online information such as location, alerts, progress of an activity among others, providing 360 ° operational visibility.


Officetrack carried out a complete survey of all the information zoning the routes with the greatest impact of deliveries, seeking an resources optimization such as vehicles and employees, according to the information obtained, an integration system was implemented via web service in real time through XML files, in which by processing these files it was possible to generate a visual and alert system to notify the news to the end customer about its delivery in real time, thus providing truthfulness in the information and improvement in the opportunity of this, which allows them a timely decision maker.


VLI with Officetrack usage has managed to have greater control over its drivers and strengthen the relationship with its customers and giving them immediate access to information on the status of their offices by mitigating in 70% the causes of new deliveries. Allowing them to be managed once the driver reports them from the field, as well as those completed by means of detailed reports that support the evidence of delivery and optimize the process of legalization of routes.



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