Success case – Zona Logistik successfully implemented the OfficeTrack solution and optimized its work processes


Zona Logistik did not have software that had the versatility to control the processes of last mile and census of client points, which require its multiple transport and logistics operations, for which it is essential to visualize and manage in real time the compliments, news and Traceability management on assigned tasks, there were also no forms that allowed the capture of information in real time with evidence of delivery or what the client required and even if any changes were necessary.


OfficeTrack is an automation tool that will allow for efficiency, productivity and relevant information for decision making at the right time, thus allowing the improvement of delivery processes within the company and the satisfaction of the final customer. Based on intelligent planning and online monitoring, OfficeTrack improves the experience by providing real-time updates, managing tasks and work orders performed by the field collaborator, provides extensive online information such as location, alerts, progress of an activity among others.


Zona Logistik has achieved with the implementation of officetrack to have greater control over its last mile and census processes, thus strengthening the relationship with its customers. Providing them with immediate access to information in real time, with accurate reports, which provide feedback to the base staff, which allows confirming and taking actions for the continuous improvement of the field processes and at the same time being able to measure the progress of the execution of the tasks , allowing to obtain the status of the work in real time and the unification of the information on a single source of consultation.


Zona Logistik adapted to the Officetrack technology platform allowing a more dynamic, autonomous and effective work of the employees, through the application, which allows a better planning and execution of activities, optimizing resources, time and routes of employees, as well as savings in operational expenses. In this way, Logistik area has achieved greater control over its employees, strengthened relations with its customers, provided a high-quality service and has supports that show the deliveries.



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