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Entel Peru is a subsidiary of the Entel Chile group. Since its launch in October 2014 to December 2015, it has managed to attract more than 10% of the Peruvian market

 With 2 million customers and has positioned itself as the leading operator of portability, according to official Osipte figures and the fastest growing to date. February 2018. The initial activities of Entel were data transmission and long-distance communications service. It is today one of the largest telecommunications companies in Peru, with a presence in information technology services, mobile and fixed telephony, long distance carrier (123), among other services. With that, his biggest challenge was always to provide the best quality and now service experience and in the shortest possible time for his clients.


Peru today has about 3300 sites scattered around the most diverse areas, and all need maintenance, so technicians must generate an accurate report for Entel. But the inspection visits that were made had a lot of delay and without greater reporting credibility, which did not optimize the work. “This modus operandi presented several problems, starting with the delay, at least, 2 weeks between the inspection and the sending of the report, in addition, we received erroneous photos, without the reference of geolocation, errors of writing of the nomenclature, among other problems within of a document that should reach Entel, “says Entel. And from the start of operations, Entel always sought to equip its technicians with all the possible technological devices, but the solution they were using had a lot of delay.


This company performs preventive and corrective maintenance of telephony sites, has just modernized its field resource management with the adoption of OfficeCore’s mobile OfficeTrack workforce management application. With this, the company obtained a significant increase in its profit margins, reduced the average delivery time of reports from 30 days to 48 hours, decreased the number of people in the back-office dedicated to the review of reports, among other benefits .


By adopting OfficeTrack, Entel replaced that entire technological arsenal by the technician’s own mobile, which has a data plan paid for by the company. The advantages for Entel go far beyond the reduction of costs, there was a great gain in productivity, OfficeTrack has transformed all the reports into electronic forms that can be filled with just a few clicks on the phone. For the company, the new application provided an evolution in all these aspects: task management, monitoring of technicians, point control, quality of the photos, monitoring of the service and the delivery of reports and customer satisfaction.
The new technology will allow the telecommunications company to reduce, significantly, the reaction time to any problem that arises with their networks and thus ensure the continuity and quality of their services.
This modernization will also impact the users of Entel, who will benefit from better service quality.
Actually we are working on much integration like WS, FTP, developing special reports and have a VPN connection

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