Success Stories Colombia Indusel – Abba

Indusel – Abba is a leading manufacturer and marketer in Colombia of domestic appliances, gas appliances, refrigeration, washing, air conditioning, dishwashers and microwave ovens.


Inseref-Abba did not have an information and traceability system to measure and evaluate the efficiency of dispatches and thus guarantee deliveries to sales warehouses, likewise it did not have a channel of information in real time to know the status of dispatches, possible novelties and deliveries of the same, putting at risk the effectiveness and fulfillment in the times agreed and agreed with the end customer.


OfficeTrack enables employees to provide relevant information and data on deliveries made, as well as to capture evidence of management performance, accuracy of the information provided and receive real-time updates, thus ensuring control for the organization that will measure employee efficiency, have control and be able to make timely decisions.


Integration is carried out to update the status of deliveries with the system, assigning tasks to employees where it will be possible to evidence the status and/or fulfillment of them, allowing to receive in real time any news, change or update that is relevant as well as the efficient management of field agent tasks, improving response times and delivery to customers ensuring better service, better effectiveness and strengthening business ties.

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