Success Stories Raia / Drogasil

Raia / Drogasil is the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil and Latin America.

The company was formed on November 11, 2011 from the merger of the companies Droga Raia and Drogasil and Farmasil. The company has more than 1,600 drugstores in 20 Brazilian states, and currently has more than 30,000 employees.


After the merger, the company needed a Mobile Workforce Management solution for loss prevention, audit and engineering.
Created in November 2011, from the merger between Raia SA and Drogasil SA, the DR had a turnover of R $ 11.8 billion in 2016. To control a retail business of this magnitude, a good part of the areas of the DR need to go to the region the field, be in stores to always guarantee the best experience for the client and that good management practices continue to be used at every point of the business. This requirement made the DR look for a software solution to support its external activities.


The DR, the largest drug store network in Brazil and Latin America, with more than 1,554 stores in 19 states, adopted OfficeTrack to support field activities in the areas of Prevention and Loss, Financial Audit and Maintenance Engineering. According to Antonio Carlos Coelho, Vice President of Finance, the adoption of a Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) application is aligned with the company’s core values, such as efficiency and innovation.
“We observed significant gains in agility and quality in the execution of the work based on the ease of use of the tool and we experienced significant improvements in processes and results in the various areas where the application was used,” says the executive.


In the different areas of the company, the use of the application optimized the performance of inspections in more than 1,550 pharmacies to take inventory, identify weak points, from expired products to frauds. It also facilitated the realization of audit reports and the realization of the control and management of reforms and repairs of the physical infrastructure of the pharmacies. All the elements of the report are inside OfficeTrack and with a tablet in hand, a few clicks and more photos of the site, the report is ready and only give the ‘send’ so that the corporation has access to the strategic information necessary for all Processes OfficeTrack has brought speed, increased productivity, generates evidence and control in a standardized way, all through a single system. “It brought a very legal dynamism, since we can check the progress of repairs and reforms and release the payments as soon as the works are concluded and approved”

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