Success story Colombia – ACT Telemática: A breakthrough in field work control and inspection by implementing OfficeTrack

ACT Telemática is a Colombian company that has been operating since 1996, providing services such as
implementation, insurance and technical support in the telecommunications sector. During its
trajectory, ACT Telemática has been growing steadily, carrying out projects at a national level for
companies of high recognition in the target sectors.


ACT Telemática did not have a control of its technicians, nor did it have an inspection of the field
operation in real time that measured the effectiveness and efficiency of its technicians daily on
the services requested to its field operation. All the information obtained in the field (solutions
description, photographic evidence and customer signatures) were stored in the cell phone
and/or physical paper, to later arrive at the offices and complete the reports corresponding to
the activities performed during the day, this triggered in the delay and failing to meet the
service times assumed with the customer.


Officetrack allows the sending of information through cell phones, capturing accurate
information in real time, optimizing each of the internal and external processes of the company,
improving productivity and efficiency of the technical area allowing work plans to be developed
easily, making the most of the time that technicians are in the field; Additionally having the
information in real time the ACT Telematics will have all the tools of judgment to make
administrative and operational decisions with each activity, giving timely response to the
customer improving the quality of service.


Activities are assigned according to their abilities and availability, improving the balance and
equity in the daily agendas. With this assignment, a real time follow up is made of each of the
activities following an order in the states, and thus have real measurements of each of the
indicators requested by ACT Telematics clients such as resource allocation time, punctuality,
and solution time, etc.
Forms are created for the capture of information in the field and its subsequent sending in
formats designed in the platform that adjust to the requirements of the final customer,
optimizing the time of the technicians in the field avoiding the filling of this information is
physical documents at the end of the day.
Finally, it was possible to define an external report formulated in which the information is
provided to the client with the summary of daily and weekly activities in order to have the
monthly indicators (SLA) in the shortest possible time, always by virtue of delivering real and
effective information to the final client.

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