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Logytech optimizes each of its processes


Logytech is a company with presence in Latin America dedicated to the outsourcing of processes related to logistics, sales, technical service and contact center, providing support to customers from multiple sectors, becoming a strategic ally of great experience.


Logytech did not count on a control in the field operation that measured the productivity and the daily management of its resources, it did not count on real data of the daily operation carried out by the sales area and its employees, there was no evidence of the process, the result and the data captured by the employee in the course of its management.


OfficeTrack allows for the transport of information by cell phone, achieving accurate information capture, optimizing each and every one of the company’s processes, improving the productivity and effectiveness of the sales and/or commercial area, allowing work plans to be developed easily and consequently, which will allow decisions to be made at the right time according to the employee’s activity.


Assignment of tasks is made according to the skills of the sales agents where it will be able to evidence the status of these and give a response in real time.

Forms were created and established to capture information according to the specific needs of the commercial area, significantly improving the efficiency of employees, the creation of forms allowed the elimination of activities such as writing or printing, which means optimization of the company’s resources.

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