Success case – Compañía Nacional betters its operational efficiency thanks to OfficeTrack implementation

Compañía Nacional

Compañía Nacional Ltda was born more than 15 years ago to provide the best exclusive integral maintenance service to residential buildings communities, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are a proactive company, have an institutional building, training rooms and the best advice for our customers.

The Challenge

Improve the operational efficiency of the company, change the processes to provide a faster, reliable, centralized and standardized maintenance services to residential customers. The initial process of Compañía Nacional considered the construction of extensive reports from multiple sources, such as e-mail, WhatsApp by the administrative staff, which took several days and made difficult traceability.

Officetrack Solution

OfficeTrack was implemented in the whole area of field technicians and coordinators, who attend in a comprehensive manner the technical needs that includes building maintenance, such as scheduled and emergency maintenance, central boiler system, electrical circuits, air conditioning and hydraulic system.

The Results

The implementation of OfficeTrack allowed a faster coordination and order maintaining regarding maintenance tasks allocation. It allowed obtaining work status in real time and information unification on a single consulting source. In addition, the time invested in the administrative process decreased considerably, speeding up the collection process for the services delivered by 90%. It facilitated the assignment of emergency tasks thanks to the rapid georeferenced technician’s location. The next challenge is to implement the online repair services quote and customize the reports for the end customers.

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