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Encopress S.A. is a company that for more than 15 years specializes in the development of logistics services to satisfy diverse needs of his customers about storage, transport and distribution of products.

 It has the infrastructure, technology and human resources necessary to provide a very safe and effective service according to each of its customers. The company certified in ISO 9001 standards.
Encopress S.A transport to the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe and Córdoba where it has branches that are head offices to cover the entire provinces of Santa Fe and Córdoba. They also cover from the city of Buenos Aires and all the province of Mendoza and the cities of San Juan and San Luis.


Encopress SA need to keep its customers updated quickly and easily regarding the status of their deliveries by carriers.
It was important to improve the timing and security of the flow of information, eliminating any possibility of error and facilitating decision-making.


OfficeTrack allows companies to provide relevant information in real time between employees and the administration software, and then report it in several possible ways


The integration between the systems was allowed the dispatch of specific tasks to the distributors, in such a way that the status of each one is visible to the supervisors and customers.


Testimony: Juan E. Sabone, Jefe de Sistemas y Procesos de Encopress S.A
“Encopress remarks the versatility that the platform has, plus the ease way that this application has in the mobile phones of the carriers, because the daily use does not complicate them.”

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