Success Stories: Única

Única increases the margins provisioning services with the resources management in the field

Única, a Brazilian company created in 2009, was born with the mission of serving companies of sharing and telecommunications. In addition to its maintenance service offer, it offers hydrogen-based generators and access control with encrypted key for sites where the antennas are located. Its core business depends on a well-decorated field team trained to travel through urban and rural areas and to clean, conserve, calibrate telephone antennas and send accurate reports to the companies that own the antennas. With that, his biggest challenge was always to monitor the field work and produce accurate reports and in the shortest time possible for his clients.


Brazil today has about 90 thousand antennas scattered across the most diverse regions, and all need maintenance, so technicians must generate an accurate report for clients. But the inspection visits were made from Monday to Thursday and on Fridays, the technicians stayed in their homes producing reports, which did not optimize the work. “This modus operandi presented several problems, starting with the delay, at least, a week between the inspection and the sending of the report, and we received erroneous photos, without the reference, errors of writing the nomenclature, among other problems within a document that should reach the client’s hands, ” says the director. And from the beginning of operations, Única always sought to equip its technicians with all possible technological devices, but each contract had to invest close to R $ 5 thousand only in equipment.


This company performs preventive and corrective maintenance of telephony towers, has just modernized its field resource management with the adoption of OfficeCore’s mobile OfficeTrack workforce management application. With this, the company obtained a significant increase in its profit margins, reduced the average delivery time of reports from 30 days to 48 hours, decreased the number of people in the back-office dedicated to the review of reports, among other benefits.
“Thanks to this technological leap, we reduced costs, optimized resources, improved our services qualitatively, managed to control more precisely what happens in the field and, most importantly, our credibility was reinforced before customers and the market”, highlights Alessandro de Luca, general director of Única.


By adopting OfficeTrack, Única replaced all technological arsenal by the technician’s own mobile, which has a data plan paid for by the company. The advantages for Única go far beyond the reduction of costs, there was a great gain in productivity, OfficeTrack has transformed all the reports into electronic forms that can be filled with just a few clicks on the phone. For the company, the new application provided an evolution in all these aspects: Task management, technician monitoring, point control, vehicle checklist, photo quality, service monitoring and report delivery and customer satisfaction . “And with the support and support of 3CON, with whom we have a great commercial relationship, very clear and transparent, we were able to use almost all the features of the application, so OfficeTrack became mission-critical software for us,” the director concludes.

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