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OfficeCore offers a complete and flexible workforce management solution, the OfficeTrack. With more than ten years of market experience, and more than 500 clients, representing almost 30,000 field employees, the OfficeTrack platform is used in several industries in more than 10 countries. OfficeTrack is a cloud-based cross-platform mobile app with highly flexible and integrated server interfaces. OfficeCore professional services and self-customization options ensure fast implementation and enhanced benefits for business customers.

Comprehensive solutions

OfficeCore's location based software platform, the OfficeTrack, supports the mobile workforce using mobile handsets. OfficeTrack is a comprehensive solution for the various requirements of field work optimization that include task and work order management, cellular forms and time sheet entries, booking, end customer notification and interaction, fleet management and more.

Hundreds of pleased business customers around the world

OfficeCore serves hundreds of business customers globally, in LATAM, EMEA, North America and APAC. OfficeTrack services rely on OfficeCore subsidiaries and distributers for local enhanced support and uses advanced cloud infrastructure to ensure global operation.

Excellent task management

OfficeTrack’s task and work order management service enables the employee to report the status of tasks directly from the field. In addition, photos and barcode scanning from the OfficeTrack App to the server include online/offline modes of work.

Optimization and end customer interaction

The OfficeTrack solution aims to improve end customer service and interaction. Based on smart planning and online monitoring, OfficeTrack enhances the end customer experience by providing online updates and improved support to end customers.

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