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App for
Workforce Management
OfficeTrack is a flexible, complete and cost-effective solution that adapts to your needs.

Digital Transformation

We provide coverage for hundreds of types of activities: Logistics, Postal, Maintenance, Audits, Front Desk, Meter reading, Vessel/vehicle/equipment control, Post, Order taking, Procurement, Facility management, and many more. The scopes of digital transformation and OfficeTrack are unlimited.

OfficeTrack Software

OfficeTrack is a modular platform that allows the efficient management of various administrative processes, through the use of a mobile application installed on cell phones and/or tablets, and a Web application, which can be accessed by operators from the company’s operational bases, allowing an efficient and orderly flow of information between the different actors: employees, contractors, suppliers and end users.

There are no limits to empower your workforce management

Optimize your workforce management, and improve efficiency and customer outreach.


Robust electronic forms to capture unlimited types of data from the field: photos, videos, barcodes, files and more.

Tasks & Work orders

Streamline tasks to get real-time updates and progress on all employee tasks in the field.


Attendance Management

Operational tools, including employee performance tracking, attendance, etc.

Location & Notifications

They provide extensive online information according to employees' location, activities and work progress.

Booking & Optimization

Task scheduling and appointment booking. 

Intelligent dispatching and AI-based route planning and automated task assignment.

End Customer Satisfaction

Program and manage requests. Audit and monitor your progress. Integration with commerce and order management, procurement, inventory and IoT. 

Video Chat

Allows users to securely participate in a video chat between the technician and the customer or the company's operations base.

We are certified to
ISO 27001
Information Security Management standard.

ISO/IEC27001 is an international privacy standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that aims to protect the integrity and availability of company information.


This tool provides your customer service and technical support team with a single view to manage all requests.

Daily forms
Daily tasks
corporate customers
OfficeTrack can be the first step in the digital transformation of your business

“Many of our clients summon us and hire our service to solve a known need, through a specific flow. Then, after learning about the potential of the tool, they autonomously incorporate new types of tasks, forms and reports to improve efficiency in other processes, in which they had not even detected the gap between the way they were operating and the potential way, much more efficient, that they could be taking advantage of thanks to OfficeTrack.”

Optimize workforce management in every industry!

We support the field operations of companies engaged in logistics sectors such as couriers, deliveries, deliveries, transport, and distribution.


We cover the needs of different companies that operate with resources in the field, such as repair and maintenance service providers.


We meet the needs of the sales force, such as promoters, stockers and salespeople who visit the commercial locations of their end customers. 


We have solutions for supervisors to manage and control all processes of security personnel in the field.

OfficeTrack improves communication for field staffed companies

Any company with staff working outside of an office can improve its efficiency by using the OfficeTrack mobile application.

Some of the outstanding fields are:

A solution with multiple strengths

OfficeTrack is a user-friendly system that allows the client to generate different types of tasks, intelligent dynamic forms, and reports, to adapt them to the particular operational flows and chains of your business where there are links with low productivity.


Self-manageable modular system, customizable for your business.

training and support

Training and support is provided to the client’s Key Users, who will be able to design forms, modify import parameters, reconfigure fields to be imported, etc.

Online & offline mode

The app has an “automatic offline mode”, which is activated when the mobile is not receiving or sending data. The application stores all reported entries and sends them when the device accesses the data network again.

Mobile devices

In order to provide the service, the client must have mobile devices that allow sending and receiving data in a bidirectional manner. IoS and Android operating systems are supported.

What do our customers say?

We value the opinion of our customers.

Our support team is always available to assist you.

Listening, supporting, and constantly contacting them is a high priority.

Read some testimonials from our valued customers.

Andres Caro
Assistant General and Commercial Manager

“OfficeTrack allows me as a supervisor to have complete awareness of the technician’s location in the field at all times.”

Fernando Duarte Portillo
Grupo HTE
Technical Management

“OfficeTrack is a very flexible software, and it suits our operation, as we have very complex services and others that are very simple. Other tools are very tight and only covered part of our needs, in addition to being more expensive.”

André Fernandes
General Manager

“When we were introduced to OfficeTrack, we realized that the automation and process control it offered was exactly what we needed, and we decided to adopt it all across our operation.”

Ignacio López
QB Andina
Operational Manager

“OfficeTrack boosts the efficiency of the people working in the company. In some processes such as verifications or quality control, the processing time was reduced by a third, with the addition that the information is more accurate and reliable than before.”

Andres Caro
Assistant General and Commercial Manager

“Besides shortening the deadlines for the generation of reports after the work was done, it also allowed us to be certain that the photographic report is accurate at the time of the execution of the task, whether preventive or corrective.”

Arnelly Lucena
Maintenance Supervisor at Casa Imaz

“With OfficeTrack I no longer use paper and it is easier to send the digitized reports to the administrations.”

Gustavo Enrique Borges Alencar
Operational Director

“The application reduced the problems in the visits, the cost, the deadlines and I guarantee the traceability of each resource in the field. Today we can see our entire operation, we know everything that happens outside the office with precision.”

Yuri Peón
Ingeniería de elevadores
Dir. operating in IESA

“OfficeTrack is the application you need if you have personnel in the field. It concentrates in one place, several functions that improve management, providing data that increase the satisfaction of our customers.”

Arnelly Lucena
Supervisora de Mantenimiento de Casa Imaz

“Con OfficeTrack ya no uso papel y es más fácil enviar los informes digitalizados a las administraciones.”

José Danilo Salazar
Operations Manager

I would highlight that OfficeTrack transformed our operations by improving document management and internal communication, enabling real-time access, task automation and efficient coordination between teams, which has boosted our growth and customer satisfaction. I would recommend this solution to optimize processes and improve the customer experience in any company.

Ignacio Pérez
El Ejecutivo
Operations Manager of "El Ejecutivo" (The Executive)

As head of operations at ‘El Ejecutivo’, I highlight that OfficeTrack has transformed our management by centralizing processes, increasing efficiency by 30%, reducing management times by 40% and improving customer satisfaction by 25%. This tool has been key to our operational excellence, catalyzing growth and innovation, and allowing us to offer a higher quality service. I recommend OfficeTrack to optimize processes and improve the customer experience in any company.

Claudia Cecilia Marin Henao
Systems and Infrastructure Coordinator

The experience with OfficeTrack has been positive for Igga, highlighting the seriousness of the company, the fulfillment of the value proposition, the cost-effectiveness of the platform and the quality of the after-sales service.

In summary, the collaboration between Igga and OfficeTrack has proven to be successful in improving telecom maintenance management, increasing operational efficiency and providing an enhanced experience for both technicians and customers.

Bertram Shayer

“At Tekton, managing multiple projects simultaneously requires efficient, real-time tools. Since adopting OfficeTrack, we have reduced reporting time from 10 days to 3 days, improved quality and automated key processes. The ability to customize and optimize our operations has been invaluable. OfficeTrack has transformed our management, making it more dynamic and interactive, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Camilo Rodríguez
Verytel Project Engineer

“At Verytel, the implementation of OfficeTrack has transformed our document management and operational efficiency. Before, we were dealing with physical minutes and manual processes that were cumbersome and inefficient. Now, with the digitization and real-time availability of the minutes, we have improved the accuracy and speed of our responses to customers. The obligation to complete fields in OfficeTrack ensures complete information and has allowed us to significantly reduce the time spent on reports. We are very pleased with the results.”

Everything you need to know about OfficeTrack

– Screen resolution: 768 X 1024.
– Browser settings: trusted site, pop-up windows allowed, check for newer versions of the page on every visit.

– We recommend to use “Chrome” browser.

Please check to change your login password.

On the login page click “Forgot password?”
Your new password will be instantly sent to the email address listed for your username in the system.

The system prompts you to change your password once every four months and for a new user, after two months from the time of registration.

Time zone determines the time displayed and saved in the system (date, hour, and minute) is associated with the task date, location, report, and entries

Working hours determine company operation hours or company holiday and time -off.
Location data received on the server outside of this company’s working hours is not stored in the system.

Speak to an expert advisor in your country at all times.

We are here to help. Contact us!

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