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New feature: OfficeTrack Video Chat Module – offering remote assistance between your tech, customer and controller 





OfficeTrack workforce management solution aims to increase business scorecards around first call resolution, bringing more value to your customers.

We are proud to offer OfficeTrack Video Chat Modules.

This module allows users to be involved in a secure video chat between tech and customers or between tech and controllers. It allows the sharing of information and images in real time. The video is recorded, and a link to it is tagged and saved as part of the service call.

How does it work?

With OfficeTrack Video Chat the technician present can start a video chat directly from the OfficeTrack mobile app. A simple click on the Chat icon will initiate a request to the back office or will send an Email with a link to the customer.
The same icon is added on the controller OfficeTrack portal to ensure that a 2 side conversation can be established. 

Once a request is accepted, a private and secure connection is established in which both parties share a video chat room. 

The module also offers multi-member rooms to allow more people to join the conversation in real time.
At the end of the video chat, the recording is saved and a link to it is tagged and saved on the task. 

(We will insert a step by step infographic image to show the workflow of this module)


Why do we like it?

There are a number of key benefits of using Video Chat OfficeTrack ;

  • Provides remote assistance to tech at the field

  • Provides remote assistance to your customers 

  • Improves user experience by allowing your operation team to resolve issues on site 

  • Increases customer satisfaction and improves total resolution time

  • It is easy to operate. There’s no need to install additional programs on customer’s side

  • Available on OfficeTrack portal and OfficeTrack mobile app 

  • Save & replay video for auditing and future trainings

  • Gain full visibility and control of the video calls performance to rectify processes quickly

We invite you to talk with our product experts to learn how it can be added to your business operations 

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