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Logistics y Distribution

OfficeTrack solution helps manage the field operations of companies involved in logistics sectors such as courier services, distributors, transportation, mailing, and shipping.

These companies have field workers who are constantly on the move between customers and suppliers.

Dispatchers and supervisors at the head office need to know the location of their field workers at any given time.

They need to monitor and control all processes to ensure that tasks are performed in the most effective and efficient way.

It allows managing digital communication between supervisors from the company’s operational bases and the different stakeholders: employees, contractors, suppliers, and end users.

Through the use of an application installed on cell phones or tablets and a Web environment, the flow of information is established in an efficient and orderly manner.

...The solution is very useful and fulfills the main objective. Being able to see the status of "delivered" or "undelivered" on the day...

The OfficeTrack solution is a very flexible, versatile, and cost-effective system.

It can adapt and solve a wide variety of needs in hundreds of different scenarios.

Planning optimal routes and viewing the real-time location of all employees in the field in relation to predefined points of interest (POI) such as customer site, supplier site, personal residence, etc.

You will also be able to predefine geographical zones as work areas and receive alerts via email, SMS, dashboard, etc.

You will be able to get management reports and graphs on locations, routes, times, and duration of tasks. The platform will keep track of all locations for the last three months.

Through OfficeTrack, companies can make their operations more efficient and productive.

You will notice clear savings in resources, supplies, and storage costs.

End customers value having first-hand information about the services requested. With OfficeTrack they can have a clear view and follow up from the moment they request it, receive notifications when it is on its way, a report with the details of the service performed, and complete a survey to evaluate the attention received.

Customer Satisfaction
Resource Savings
Estimated time of arrival

The customer may receive an email or SMS allowing him to visualize, on the shared map, the position, route and estimated time of arrival of the employee on his way to his home.

Custom report design

Customize and design different reports on each task performed. These reports can have logos, formats, images and predefined texts. They can be sent On-Line to the different stakeholders that the company considers. 

Workforce management solution

OfficeTrack allows one to know the location of employees in the field in real-time and to obtain historical location reports.

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