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PSA, an environmental products division of Industrias Pugliese S.A., is an Argentine company with international development and more than 81 years of uninterrupted activity. Since its foundation, it has been a pioneer in water treatment for domestic and commercial use and is currently the undisputed leader in the water purification market.


PSA was looking to reduce costs, delivery times, rescheduling and cancellations in its supply chain, and to improve its corporate image, efficiency and customer outreach by optimizing the management of its logistics, installation, repair and maintenance teams. To achieve these goals, they decided to implement OfficeTrack, a field management software solution.

Working with OfficeTrack

Since 2016, PSA has been working with the support of OfficeTrack software to find the best solution that would allow them to efficiently keep track of personnel in the delivery and placement of products. With the implementation of OfficeTrack, the company has experienced significant improvements:

  1. Real-time tracking and visit scheduling:
    OfficeTrack has enabled PSA to track its carriers and field service technicians in real time. This has improved visit scheduling and reduced response time to customer requests. Technicians can receive real-time updates on customer locations and assigned tasks, allowing them to plan their route more efficiently.

  2. Forms delivery and collection:
    With OfficeTrack, PSA has simplified the process of digital forms, which present the technician with dynamic option fields that, depending on the case, require them to complete certain data. In this way, the form guides the technician on what steps to take, when to take a photo to evidence the work, a signature, offer to sell another item, or generate a visit from their independent distributor. Field technicians can add the forms directly into the system, attaching photos and other relevant details. This has allowed for better documentation and tracking of work performed, as well as greater transparency in the process.

Implementation of the ETA module

In response to new challenges, PSA implemented OfficeTrack’s ETA (estimated time of arrival) module. This addition has enabled them to comprehensively track between 300 and 500 tasks per day. The ETA module allows the end customer to receive a text message on their phone that provides detailed information about their delivery including the estimated time of arrival, name and map location of the driver. This message is automatically triggered when a delivery is completed and the driver is on his way to the next destination, allowing the customer to know the details of the shared data.

On the other hand, and as an additional management tool, using the OfficeTrack platform, personalized emails are sent to each client at the beginning of the day and when the delivery is about to be made, providing general information about the delivery, including date, time range, address, etc.


Thanks to the close collaboration between PSA and OfficeTrack, the company has been able to improve customer satisfaction, optimize its operation and provide a more efficient service. The implementation of the ETA module has allowed PSA to increase the productivity of its field staff and maintain a comprehensive tracking of all tasks performed. PSA continues to grow and rely on OfficeTrack as a key tool in its field personnel management strategy.

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