Entel success story

Entel Peru Subsidiary of the Entel Chile Group, has increased and attract more than 20% of the Peruvian market

With more than 8.8 million customers, it has positioned itself as the leading Mobility operator, according to official Osiptel figures and the fastest growing at 2021. Entel’s initial activities were data transmission and long distance communication services. Currently, Entel is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Peru, with a presence in technology services, mobile and fixed phone, long distance carrier (123), among other services. With that, its greatest challenge has always been to provide the highest quality and service experience and in the shortest possible time for its customers.


Peru today has about 5.000 telecommunications towers scattered throughout various areas in all regions of the country, all of which have maintenance needs, therefore trained and diligent technical personnel in the field to generate accurate reports for Entel. Before implementing OfficeTrack, the inspection visits were carried out with many delays and no greater credibility in the reports, which did not optimize the work and caused re-processes (More visits-More Costs).

”This modus operandi presented several problems, starting with the delay, at least two (2) weeks between the inspection and the sending of the report. Moreover, we received erroneous photos, without the geolocation reference, nomenclature writing errors, among other problems within a document that had to reach our base of operations”, Entel director mentions.

From the beginning of Entel operations in Peru, they always sought to equip its technicians with all possible innovative equipment, but the software-level solution they were using had many delays.


OfficeTrack allows information to be sent through mobile devices, managing to capture accurate information in real time, optimizing each of the internal and external projects, improving the productivity and efficiency of the technical area allowing the RAN Inbuilding Implementation and Special Projects work plans to be easily developed, making the most of the time spent by the technicians of each subcontractor who are in the field. Additionally, having the information in real time means Entel can make administrative and operational decisions quickly and efficiently with each activity, giving a time response to the client and improving the service quality.



By adopting OfficeTrack, Entel replaced all that technological arsenal with the technician’s own mobile phone, which has a data plan paid for by the company. The benefits for Entel goes far beyond cost reduction, there was a huge productivity gain, OfficeTrack has transformed all reports into electronic forms that can be filled out with just a few clicks on the phone. For the company, the new application provided an evolution in all these aspects: Task management, Technicians monitoring for all contractors, Attendance Control, Improve Photo quality, Service monitoring and delivery of reports with End customer satisfaction.

The company obtained a significant increase in its profit margins, reduced the average report delivery time from 30 days to 24 and 48 hours, decreased on 30% number of people in the back-office dedicated to reviewing and creating reports, among other benefits.

New OfficeTrack technology integration allows Entel to significantly reduce the reaction time to any problem that may arise into its networks and thus ensure the continuity and quality of its services.

OfficeTrack innovation will also impact Entel users, who will benefit from an improved service quality.

Entel is currently working on more CRM integrations, Customized reports and spread OfficeTrack usage on other news departments.

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