Case Study: Grupo Verytel

Grupo Verytel experienced a successful digital transformation by implementing OfficeTrack in its operation.

Grupo Verytel is a company committed to using technology and the data generated by its implementation to strengthen citizen security and make informed decisions in a scientific and practical way. Its objective is to create safer environments by collaborating in the management of security and promoting more precise and accurate decisions”.

For over 20 years they have been contributing to the technological development of the country in the area of telecommunications, connectivity, datacenter and IT outsourcing. Having their main clients be in the governmental area, they have managed to consolidate themselves as one of the main suppliers of equipment and services in electronic security, communication networks and development of missional applications.

Business challenge

Before adopting the solution, Verytel faced challenges related to the management of documents in physical format, which made it difficult to organize and quickly access the information required by government entities, control entities and other clients.

Camilo Rodríguez, Project Engineer at Verytel, describes the situation prior to the implementation of OfficeTrack: “Before, we used physical records and the whole process was done manually. We had a documentation team in charge of storing and digitizing the minutes, but it was a cumbersome and inefficient process. We saw the need to streamline our operations and allow staff to focus on more valuable activities for the company.”

Working with OfficeTrack

Verytel was able to solve its main problems and gain significant benefits. According to Camilo, “The biggest improvement has been the ability to have the minutes digitally and online in real time. Before, we had important information in the paper reports, but they were not always filled out correctly. With OfficeTrack, the technicians have to fill in the mandatory fields, which ensures that the information is complete. In addition, we now receive the information at the time the form is submitted, which has allowed us to provide faster responses to users when required.”

Since OfficeTrack joined Verytel, the company has experienced a number of benefits. Camilo highlights, “I can say that we have significantly reduced the time spent on monthly reports and generating reports for clients. We can now generate reports easily and in less time, which allows us to focus on providing a quality service and meeting deadlines”.

Future with OfficeTrack

As for future plans, Verytel intends to leverage OfficeTrack’s capabilities even further. Camilo comments, “We are excited to explore OfficeTrack’s additional features, such as task management and custom reporting. We believe these tools will help us further optimize our operations and improve customer satisfaction.”

Verytel’s success story with OfficeTrack is a testament to the power of digital transformation in business. By adopting innovative solutions like OfficeTrack, organizations can overcome challenges and achieve greater operational efficiency, faster response to customers and a strategic focus on business growth and overall success.

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