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Correo Argentino has played a crucial role in electoral processes in Argentina, standing out for the successful implementation of innovative technologies to optimize logistics during these events. In the 2019 National Elections, the company used the OfficeTrack Application, providing traceability in the logistics management of ballot boxes, technology kits and materials needed for the voting process.

In conjunction with the technological improvements implemented by Correo Argentino, the OfficeTrack application has contributed significantly to the optimization of ballot box distribution and the coordination of human resources, thus enabling the successful conduct of these elections nationwide throughout 2023. Its integration has been fundamental to guarantee a transparent and efficient electoral process throughout the country.

The OfficeTrack solution collaborated with Correo Argentino in Argentina’s 2023 provincial elections. Since February, when the electoral calendar began, executive and legislative authorities were appointed in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in 21 of the 23 Argentine provinces – except for Corrientes and Santiago Del Estero, which had already done so in 2021.

In addition, for the 2023 General National Elections, Correo Argentino undertook a monumental logistical deployment, employing a fleet of 16,265 vehicles including trucks, vans, cars, vans and buses. This massive effort involved the distribution of 108,111 ballot boxes throughout the country to facilitate the voting of more than 35 million Argentines.

OfficeTrack has played an essential role in electoral logistics. During the 2023 General National Elections, this tool was strategically integrated to monitor and track the movement of more than 108,000 ballot boxes throughout the country, thus facilitating the efficient deployment of electoral materials.

The OfficeTrack application has enabled a constant and detailed traceability in the logistics process, from the distribution to the delivery of ballot boxes in the 16,942 polling places in Argentina. This includes real-time monitoring of ballot box transportation through a diverse fleet of 16,265 vehicles, ensuring that each ballot box arrives at its correct destination in time for the electoral process.

In addition, it has worked closely with the staff of Correo Argentino, providing support for the management and coordination of the more than 76,000 workers involved in this massive operation. The application has been instrumental in directing and organizing the tasks of each individual, ensuring efficiency and timeliness in the electoral logistics process.

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