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Customized Solutions for Workforce Management

The LATAM Summit OfficeTrack held in September 2023 was an exceptional event that brought together Field Service Management (FSM) leaders and experts from all over Latin America. With distinguished speakers, this virtual event stood out for sharing knowledge, experiences and perspectives on the management of teams and resources in the field.

Representatives from leading Latin American companies such as Meltec from Colombia; El Correo Oficial from Argentina; from Brazil, the company Brasif, shared valuable success stories in the optimization of personnel management. 

From Israel, the General Manager of LATAM, Jack Tabach, presented the roadmap and innovations for 2024 of the OfficeTrack platform, offering customized solutions that adapt to different types of businesses.

The participation of Mexico was in charge of IESA, Ingenieria en Ascensores, while from Peru, Entel’s experiences in employee management were presented. 

Finally, a panel on business expansion was held, with the presence of prominent companies such as Cirion and American Tower. The panel highlighted how OfficeTrack offers adaptable solutions, optimizing employee management for companies wishing to expand their operations across several countries.

The discussions on business expansion were especially enriching. Cirion and American Tower shared their experiences of how the OfficeTrack platform enabled them to successfully expand across multiple countries, adapting to different types of businesses. Their stories of challenges overcome and key strategies offered valuable insight for companies interested in optimizing employee management in the region.

The event highlighted OfficeTrack’s commitment to innovation and support for digital transformation in field team management. The presentation from Israel offered an exciting view of upcoming updates and enhancements for 2024, generating excitement among participants with scalable solutions that are tailored to each business.

The success of the LATAM Summit OfficeTrack was the diversity of perspectives and the richness of experiences shared. The exchange between leading companies in the region promoted collaboration and understanding of how OfficeTrack becomes a made-to-measure solution to optimize the management of employees and resources in the field throughout the region.

This event not only consolidated knowledge, but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations and strategic alliances between companies interested in strengthening their workforce management and optimizing employee management in the field throughout the region.

Re-live the event on our Youtube channel

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