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Why is customer satisfaction important?

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations must make great efforts to acquire new customers and especially to retain existing ones.

OfficeTrack solution for field services allows companies to schedule and manage requests, as well as audit and monitor their progress.

It allows customers to choose the date and time of the visit, receive confirmation of the reservation and the possibility to reschedule or cancel it.
Customers receive an alert by text message (SMS) or email notifying them of the estimated time of arrival of the requested service.
You will be able to automatically send a detailed and personalized report to the client immediately after the service is completed.
It allows you to create a customer satisfaction survey that will help measure the level of service expectations.
New Ticketing Module 
(service desk) 

This tool offers your customer service and technical support team a single view to manage all customer requests.

The purpose of this ticket manager is to create, manage and process tickets. You will be able to:

OfficeTrack helps to optimize the customer service process, thus improving interaction with users.

In order to have satisfied customers, it is necessary to implement well-defined processes, train personnel and use the right technology to keep up with the demands that arise.

Improves customer satisfaction
Communication with end customers
Build customer loyalty
What do our customers say?

We value the opinion of our customers.

Our support team is always available to assist you.

Listening to, supporting, and constantly contacting them is a high priority.

Read some testimonials from our valued customers.

Andres Caro
Assistant General and Commercial Manager

“OfficeTrack allows me as a supervisor to have complete awareness of the technician’s location in the field at all times.”

Fernando Duarte Portillo
Grupo HTE
Technical Management

“OfficeTrack is a very flexible software, and it suits our operation, as we have very complex services and others that are very simple. Other tools are very tight and only covered part of our needs, in addition to being more expensive.”

André Fernandes
General Manager

“When we were introduced to OfficeTrack, we realized that the automation and process control it offered was exactly what we needed, and we decided to adopt it all across our operation.”

Ignacio López
QB Andina
Operational Manager

“OfficeTrack boosts the efficiency of the people working in the company. In some processes such as verifications or quality control, the processing time was reduced by a third, with the addition that the information is more accurate and reliable than before.”

Andres Caro
Assistant General and Commercial Manager

“Besides shortening the deadlines for the generation of reports after the work was done, it also allowed us to be certain that the photographic report is accurate at the time of the execution of the task, whether preventive or corrective.”

Arnelly Lucena
Maintenance Supervisor at Casa Imaz

“With OfficeTrack I no longer use paper and it is easier to send the digitized reports to the administrations.”

Gustavo Enrique Borges Alencar
Operational Director

“The application reduced the problems in the visits, the cost, the deadlines and I guarantee the traceability of each resource in the field. Today we can see our entire operation, we know everything that happens outside the office with precision.”

Yuri Peón
Ingeniería de elevadores
Dir. operating in IESA

“OfficeTrack is the application you need if you have personnel in the field. It concentrates in one place, several functions that improve management, providing data that increase the satisfaction of our customers.”

Arnelly Lucena
Supervisora de Mantenimiento de Casa Imaz

“Con OfficeTrack ya no uso papel y es más fácil enviar los informes digitalizados a las administraciones.”

José Danilo Salazar
Operations Manager

I would highlight that OfficeTrack transformed our operations by improving document management and internal communication, enabling real-time access, task automation and efficient coordination between teams, which has boosted our growth and customer satisfaction. I would recommend this solution to optimize processes and improve the customer experience in any company.

Ignacio Pérez
El Ejecutivo
Operations Manager of "El Ejecutivo" (The Executive)

As head of operations at ‘El Ejecutivo’, I highlight that OfficeTrack has transformed our management by centralizing processes, increasing efficiency by 30%, reducing management times by 40% and improving customer satisfaction by 25%. This tool has been key to our operational excellence, catalyzing growth and innovation, and allowing us to offer a higher quality service. I recommend OfficeTrack to optimize processes and improve the customer experience in any company.

Claudia Cecilia Marin Henao
Systems and Infrastructure Coordinator

The experience with OfficeTrack has been positive for Igga, highlighting the seriousness of the company, the fulfillment of the value proposition, the cost-effectiveness of the platform and the quality of the after-sales service.

In summary, the collaboration between Igga and OfficeTrack has proven to be successful in improving telecom maintenance management, increasing operational efficiency and providing an enhanced experience for both technicians and customers.

Bertram Shayer

“At Tekton, managing multiple projects simultaneously requires efficient, real-time tools. Since adopting OfficeTrack, we have reduced reporting time from 10 days to 3 days, improved quality and automated key processes. The ability to customize and optimize our operations has been invaluable. OfficeTrack has transformed our management, making it more dynamic and interactive, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Camilo Rodríguez
Verytel Project Engineer

“At Verytel, the implementation of OfficeTrack has transformed our document management and operational efficiency. Before, we were dealing with physical minutes and manual processes that were cumbersome and inefficient. Now, with the digitization and real-time availability of the minutes, we have improved the accuracy and speed of our responses to customers. The obligation to complete fields in OfficeTrack ensures complete information and has allowed us to significantly reduce the time spent on reports. We are very pleased with the results.”

Meet some of our customers' success stories

You will learn how they worked before they implemented our software, what were their needs, and how OfficeTrack helped to improve their operation. We invite you to hear their stories!

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