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Satelital is a telecommunication company with extensive experience in Telecom projects for both the state and for private enterprise, perform installation of infrastructure, networks (cable / wireless), among others.

It began supporting projects for the state with OfficeTrack services using in the forms with tools such as Check list, photographic reports for energy reports, and security issues (5 minute talks).

Business need

Satelital was working with manual reports, taking pictures and then uploading the images and reports to Sharepoint, which doubled the work of the technical staff, since the work done during the day had to be captured in a report at the end of the field work.

OfficeTrack Solution

OfficeTrack approached Satelital emphasizing just that, the excess of hours that the whole process was taking them. We offered them a free demo, which was successful. Some more personalized adjustments were made as well, such as adding coordinates, date and time to the photographic reports. We started implementing the service in our LATAM server, but their demand required an exclusive/dedicated server, which favored them much more with respect to the speed of information transmission for their high-level projects.

Why OfficeTrack?

Satelital uses several OfficeTrack functionalities and modules: forms, tasks, staff location/location and attendance. They also use the offline mode of the app, as they work in areas where there is no internet connection.

The information is sent directly to their sharepoint with the requested level hierarchy and the information is stored by Satelital on their server.

Satelital can now get the reports generated in real time, accessing the information quickly. They have all the information available and can share it with their customers instantly through an FTP link. This is a significant improvement, since with the previous system, they had to wait up to 3 months to collect all the information they now have immediately. 

Benefits of using OfficeTrack:

  • Savings in hours and resources
  • They have complete and immediate information
  • Shortened invoicing and collection times.

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