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Allies Peru, a leading company dedicated to facility maintenance services in commercial and educational facilities. It faced great challenges due to manual processes and lack of real-time information. With branches in Colombia and Peru, as well as ambitious expansion plans to Chile and Ecuador, they needed a solution that would allow them to improve the control and efficiency of their operations in order to offer an optimal service to their clients.


Business Challenge

Prior to adopting OfficeTrack, Allies Peru was dealing with inefficient processes and scattered communication with their technical team in the field. The WhatsApp usage and phone calls made it difficult to track tasks, timely updates and generate reports for their customers. Lack of real-time information and manual data entry were obstacles to their growth, and proper oversight of operations.


Working with OfficeTrack

The implementation of OfficeTrack marked a turning point for Allies Peru. By having all information centralized, they were able to assign, track and update tasks in real time. Technicians receive relevant information directly on their mobile devices, allowing them to provide immediate feedback and keep everyone updated on the progress of tasks. Communication improved significantly, providing greater visibility and control over operations.



The adoption of OfficeTrack had a remarkable impact on Allies Peru. Time savings were evident, as information that used to take days to obtain was now available instantly. Productivity and efficiency increased significantly, ensuring an improvement in the quality and timeliness of the information provided to their customers. Despite the technical team’s initial resistance to the transition, they recognized the benefits, appreciating the greater control and support the platform provided.


A Promising Future

Allies Peru’s success story with OfficeTrack does not end here. With the positive experience they have had, they plan to expand the use of the platform and automate processes for other clients as well. Their vision of growth into new markets is strengthened by the efficiency and control that OfficeTrack has provided them. 

The implementation of OfficeTrack has been a true revolution for Allies Peru. From a company facing operational challenges to an organization with greater control, efficiency and capacity to provide quality service in real time. The benefits gained have cemented the path to success and a promising future for the company as they continue to expand their horizons.

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