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Boxer Security improves your company’s performance with the OfficeTrack solution.

Boxer Security was founded in 1993 with the purpose of laying the foundations in private security services, anticipating and consistently meeting the needs of asset protection. Its mission is to efficiently meet the client’s security needs, delivering real solutions.


Boxer Security had no control or visibility of the work performed in the field by the supervisors, since communication was done via telephone or in writing. Supervisors submitted daily reports on paper. This meant a problem in terms of delivery times, as they were often late in doing so.
There was also no mechanism to corroborate what the supervisor indicated in his report. In addition to this, coordination was made by telephone and was generally not recorded, which resulted in the loss of valuable information for the company.


Now with OfficeTrack, Boxer Security’s headquarters can control the work performed by supervisors because it has real-time information.

Supervisors, through forms, can mark attendance, schedule tasks, make their daily reports and submit them on time, request uniform changes and notify emergencies by pressing a single button among the main ones. OfficeTrack tracks the security guards that are operating with each client in a complete checklist format.

In addition, a Stage 2 integration between OfficeTrack and Boxer Security’s system is in the works for more customized reporting.

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