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Profesionales Asociados LTDA (LCC) was founded in 2001 as a young and enterprising company that provides solutions and contributions to Engineering, generating benefits with low environmental impact. They are currently working in the sectors like: Construction, Mining, Energy and Hydrocarbons.

Its mission is to offer the best alternative in the development of engineering and construction projects at a national level, achieving customer satisfaction and the best impact on their employees’ life quality.


Profesionales Asociados field workers sent their reports (text and photos of their progress and sales) through WhatsApp mobile application. All the attention was solely through Whatsapp, which was received by the supervisors who were in charge of reviewing and validating it. Additionally, in their daily security staff inspections, they wrote on a piece of paper the faults that they could find in the operation to later generate an excel report. All this meant a problem in delivery days, since supervisors used to take time to review it, issue the report and this could lead to valuable information for the company being lost.


OfficeTrack was implemented as part of the work process for recording and monitoring the progress of scheduled maintenance and incidents, service management, installations, requests for materials, construction, etc. The solution contemplated automatic reports customized, consolidated and easy to export.

Now with OfficeTrack, the Profesionales Asociados backoffice can control the services carried out by employees in the field since it has real-time information. Their workflow improved using OfficeTrack. Now they receive automatic online emails generated by each report or request for materials they made. In addition, an Integration, which allows them to keep their system updated as well as facilitate the programming of their internal reports. Now they can edit pictures taken, attach files from the App and provide professional results! All in one Application – OfficeTrack!


OfficeTrack deployment allows them to improve reports quality obtained in the field, considerably saving service time after collecting field data, both for the field technician and for their area manager, allowing them to quickly status review for executed and pending jobs.

With OfficeTrack automated flow, required attention times are being improved, operating costs are being reduced, supervisors perform best at their work, and there is greater interest and commitment from the employees who use the service.


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