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The OfficeTrack solution fully meets the needs of field sales forces, such as sales clerks, promoters and store shelf organizers.

It also supports teams of sales representatives who visit end-customer stores or residential locations to perform sales tasks.

These field workers operate externally to the office and therefore need online access to your organization’s IT systems, such as inventory and quoting systems.

Managers and supervisors need to monitor and control all processes to ensure that sales tasks are performed in the most effective and efficient manner.

Personal or general inventory can be queried for catalog items and salespeople can update databases with respect to actual item sales.

Vendors will be able to report cash, check or credit card payments from customers.

They will be able to collect relevant information such as image capture, digital signatures, etc. 

...OfficeTrack boosts the efficiency of the people who work in the company...

Through the web environment or from ERP systems integrated with OfficeTrack, you can assign tasks to your sales force.

You can send all information related to sales meetings to salespeople’s mobile devices, including real-time updates.

You will receive real-time updates on the status of meetings, their performance and when sales agents enter defined geographic areas or a point of interest. This allows you to assign last-minute meetings to the most appropriate employee.

Through OfficeTrack, companies can make their salespeople’s field operations more efficient and productive.

You will notice a clear saving of resources, reducing paperwork and eliminating human error.

Salespeople will be able to make sales or stock requests, linking the catalog of supplies or products and their inventory quantities. They will also be able to obtain exportable reports in various formats with relevant order information.

It will allow for increased capacity to manage end and potential customers, and will be reflected in a rapid return on investment.

Cost Savings
Dynamic Intelligent Forms

Each client easily generates their own Forms, to capture data from different situations. These can contain alphanumeric fields, combined drop-down combos, photographs, digital signature capture, checklists, webservice queries, tables, etc.


The client can customize and design different reports on each task performed. These reports can have logos, formats, images and predefined texts. They can be sent On-Line to the different stakeholders that the company considers.

OfficeTrack a flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective solution

Adapts to your needs by collaborating on a day-to-day basis to achieve objectives, and reduce material and operational costs.

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