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Services & Maintenance

The OfficeTrack solution meets the needs of different companies that operate with field resources, such as repair and maintenance service providers.

These companies have field workers who visit companies or end-customer residences to perform a service.

Field workers operate externally to the office and therefore need online access to their organization’s IT systems. Most importantly, managers and dispatchers need to monitor and control all processes to ensure that tasks are performed in the most effective and efficient manner.

Digital data transfer will streamline communication between field employees and supervisors.

Managers will be able to monitor and perform efficient control for the organization. 

Information is obtained accurately and in real time.

This will allow for increased capacity to manage end-customer requests, enabling a rapid return on investment.

"OfficeTrack solved 90% of our operational problems. The return on investment comes from the control I have over the operation as a whole."

With OfficeTrack you will be able to assign all tasks to field workers directly to the employee’s mobile device. 

All task-related information, including real-time updates, will be sent from the central operations center. 

Supervisors will be able to see the locations of their employees on the map in real time, in relation to predefined points of interest and geographic zones. Alerts related to task status and performance (started, in progress, completed, etc.) can be configured and management reports and graphs measuring employee efficiency can be obtained.


Through OfficeTrack, companies can make their operations more efficient and productive.

You will notice clear savings in resources, supplies and storage costs.

End customers value having first hand information about the services requested. With OfficeTrack they can have a clear view and follow up from the moment they request it, receive notifications when it is on its way, a report with the details of the service performed and complete a survey to evaluate the attention received.

Efficiency and Productivity
Resource Savings
Customer Satisfaction
Assign tasks online

Assign tasks to field workers directly through their mobile devices from the OfficeTrack operations panel or from the company’s ERP systems integrated with our solution.

human error

The replacement of paper forms with intelligent digital forms reduces human error and allows considerable savings in input costs, storage and human resources.

Management tool to measure field worker efficiency

OfficeTrack helps to rethink the organization of the company, implementing more unified work practices, as field workers will follow predefined organizational procedures.

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