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Icetel success story with OfficeTrack

Icetel and OfficeTrack: a link that made sales grow

Ingeniería Caro y Caro Limitada, was founded on July 14, 2000 with the aim to cover an important market niche in Energy Conversion and Storage Systems area, as well as offering Services in Telecommunications area, participating in the main companies in the market such as ENTEL and CLARO Chile.

The challenge

Since two years ago ICETEL is providing its maintenance services for the mobile network and nodes in CLARO Chile, the main objective is to keep a reliable network operational uptime, according to the Telecommunications Ministry service regulations. ICETEL have worked collecting data in paper, and digital format to report, but this was built by the technician manually for the next few days. For which information was gathered from multiple media, such as e-mail, WhatsApp and downloading photos from the Phone or Camera. In addition, these were uploaded manually to a shared file account for access by those responsible for each geographical area.

The Solution 

OfficeTrack was implemented as part of the work process for recording and tracking the progress of scheduled maintenance and incidents.  The solution included automatically customized report consolidated and exported them into a shared file storage account for query purposes more agilely, sorted by a hierarchical folder structure. 


The Results

The OfficeTrack deployment allows the quality improvement of the reports obtained in the field, saving considerable work time after the data registration in the field, both for the field technician and for his zone manager, allowing them to quickly review the status of the executed and pending works. It has also allowed them to better manage the documentation to support their work to the end customers, with quality and speed. 

OfficeTrack has allowed them to open and support new business units such as Maintenance, Energy Backup, Energy Efficiency and HVAC, and they continue to grow.


Andres Caro, General and Commercial Sub Manager:

“In addition to shortening the deadlines for generating reports after the work executed, it also allowed us to be sure that the photographic report corresponds to the moment of the Task execution, whether preventive or corrective. It also allowed us as supervisors, to have clarity of the technician location on the ground on time. The BOX storage implementation (where the different reports are stored) allowed us to give access and visibility to the End customer work done, in each of the assignments to the field, either emergency care or preventive maintenance, where all this were  stored and separated by Items or corresponding region in each specific folders.”

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