Location & Notifications

OfficeTrack's mobile location service provides comprehensive online information regarding the location, activities and work progress of field workers.

Supervisors and managers can manage field workers from a single system, with a global view of all field workers.

End customers can be informed of a delivery or technician’s time arrival through SMS or email messaging.

OfficeTrack also provides managers with push notification/alert capability for quick and urgent action required.

The capabilities of the system significantly enhance managerial and operational efficiency, enabling considerable savings.

Main Features

Real-time locations

View locations of field workers and vehicles on a map in real-time.


Receive alerts whenever field workers enter and/or leave customers/suppliers.

Working areas

Monitor field workers’ work progress in defined working areas.

Messages and status

Receive distress messages and status updates (available, busy, etc.) from field workers.

Past routes and data

Maintains record of routes and location data for a three month period.

Points of interest

Set points of interest and polygons, and assign them to field workers.

Reports and graphs

Produce a variety of reports and graphs that allow you to investigate and measure work efficiency performed by field workers.

Key Benefits

Online location

Online location of field workers.


Effective management of field workers tasks.

Savings in operational expenses

Significant savings in operational expenses, such as call center representatives, number of phone calls, and manual data entry.

Customer service

Better customer service due to real-time updates from the field of corporate information field which results in a significant reduction in task-related errors and inquiries.

Monitoring field workers

Monitoring field workers productivity and efficiency.

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