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Grupo Cobra, was founded in 1944, has evolved to become a global leader with the capacity and determination to develop, create and operate industrial infrastructures require a high level of service, based on excellence in integration, technological innovation and financial strength. Currently present in over 50 countries and with more than 21,000 employees, Grupo Cobra is focused on providing value to all its customers in each operation.

Cobra has a project for its client ETB, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá, where it is essential to have accurate technicians information in the field.

Business Challenge:

Before Cobra worked with OfficeTrack, the communication way with field technicians was decentralized. It was managed through applications such as Whatsapp and/or phone calls. In this way, the company had limited or minimal workforce accuracy, therefore, it was difficult to trace the information regarding field activities and even their location. Since there was no entire process centralization at the information level, all its operational work was manual. The manager in charge of operations had great difficulty to supervise their technicians; he could not know if they were actually at the site assigned to them, which generated doubts, problems and delays in the operation. This also complicate indicators issue, for example: The productivity generated by his team and obtaining reports of the jobs completed during the day.

Biggest challenges faced on a daily basis:

  • Lack of location information for technicians.
  • Poor communication with the workforce.
  • Reports of work completed could have errors or omissions.
  • Failures in the activities administration.
  • Low quality service to their end customer



  • Centralize all activities on a single platform.
  • Effectively assign daily tasks to technicians.
  • Improve operability to reduce costs in the work performed and in Cobra’s operation.


Officetrack workforce management solution

Maintenance activities are currently assigned to their field employees to be completed in the OfficeTrack App. The employees will complete and send a digital form of the finished job to Cobra. 
With this procedure the company has a way to visualize the daily operation, being able to keep track of the tasks in execution, completed or pending, and know to whom they were assigned. They also have a complete view of the location of their employees in real time.

Business Impact:

Using Officetrack:

  • To date, they have been able to decrease operational costs by 20%.
  • They eliminated errors in communication between supervisor and technicians by 100%.
  • They know the exact location of the technicians at all times.
  • Activities were organized efficiently by 100%, with no loss of information.

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