Task and Work Order

OfficeTrack’s task management service allows you to manage all field worker tasks online, quickly and efficiently, from a single screen!

The dispatcher can efficiently assign tasks to field workers by simply sending assignments with the required information to the mobile devices of field workers.

Dispatchers can also place a work order bid amongst their contractors, ensuring the most cost efficient contractor will get the job.

The task management service also enables supervisors/managers to request confirmation of completed tasks, or responses regarding issues that require management attention.

These key capabilities of the task management service provides managers with a tool to make quick and effective decisions, allowing for significant savings in field worker management and data collection.

Main Features

Online Dispatch of Activities

Send tasks (service calls) to field workers' mobile devices.

Task Management

Report and administer task completion details online by field workers.

Route Optimization

Optimize field worker routes based on task loads, skills and location.

Remote Monitoring

View on map the past and current locations of field workers.

Definition of Alerts

Set points and areas of interest on a map and receive alerts when field workers enter or exit the area.

Assignment of Tasks

Assign future tasks to field workers on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Integration with Back-Office Systems

Present real-time inventory information to field workers based on integration with the back-office inventory system.

Customized Forms

Define cellular reporting forms for each task type to be filled in by field workers on their mobile devices.

Analytics Support

Generate multi-dimensional reports, graphs and summaries about tasks and field worker efficiency.

Key Benefits

Reduced Response Time

Real-time online task execution status.

Remote Monitoring of Tasks

Effective management of field workers tasks.

Savings in Operational Expenses

Significant savings in operational expenses, such as call center representatives, amount of phone calls and manual data entry.

Better Customer Service

Significant reduction in task-related errors and inquiries due to real-time updates of the corporate information system from the field.

Greater Visibility and Control

Monitoring field workers productivity and efficiency.

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