DMC & OfficeTrack gains agility to collect information


DMC & OfficeTrack gains agility to collect information


DMC, a promotional marketing agency with more than 20 years experience in the auto parts segment, announces that it has adopted OfficeTrack as a solution to manage the daily activities of its field service team. 


As a result, it reduced data collection and processing time by more than 50%. 


DMC performs specialized work in product diffusion with the main auto parts manufacturers in the country within the segment known as aftermarket.


“The sales promoter is the repair shop, as well as distributors and retailers. Our focus is there, on these three points in the distribution chain. Our promoter is a specialized disseminator of our customers’ brands and also the eyes and ears of the manufacturers at this end,” share the director and one of DMC partners, Dirce Boer.


One of the great challenges of this type of activity is the constant need to automate the work routine of the field teams – in the case of DMC, its external team includes more than 50 promoters operating around the country. 


“Our challenge was to gain agility in the information collection. With manual collection, it took the promoter up to a week to send it, and this compromised the work quality,” recalls Marcelo Boer, DMC’s administrative director.


Among the information collected by the promoters are the product availability data , its availability in the store, its positioning in relation to the competition, among others.


With these challenges ahead, Dirce and his team began to look for a tool capable of providing agility and greater efficiency in the collection to send data, in addition to technologically equipping his team of promoters. In this search, they learned about OfficeTrack through 3CON consulting, a software distributor in the country.


OfficeTrack is a mobile application that helps the field employees management. It has 8 different modules: Tasks (Service Order); Dynamic Forms; Geolocation; Attendance (Time work); Orders (sales); Fleet Management; Optimization (services and routes); Retail (image recognition and comparison). 


The company users do not need to install anything on their servers. They simply download the application from the store (Play Store or App Store), as everything is in the cloud. While the field staff goes out with their mobile devices, the manager can track and interact with his external team at all times. He can do it through the web, via the OfficeTrack platform, either from his desktop or any mobile device.


Gains agility and quality 


With OfficeTrack installed, DMC equipped its promoters with smartphones from which they upload information. 


“In the past, the developer, after collecting information or any request from a customer, had to go home or to a Lan House and log into the Automatic Information and Occurrence Reporting system. Now you can complete it directly from your smartphone and send it (online) to us the same day. As soon as we receive it, we can process the information to send it to the manufacturers. These changes were immediately noticed by the DMC customer,” Marcelo mentions.


According to 3CON’s Account Manager, OfficeTrack’s flexibility allowed DMC to create dynamic forms, including all the information previously collected manually.


“During the pilot phase, the DMC team, in addition to being able to handle the tool, used all their experience and creativity introducing new information, such as photos, drop-down lists, signature of their clients, etc.” Marcelo noted.  


DMC partners agree that OfficeTrack is very simple to use and brings great agility, both in sending and receiving information from the field. Now everything happens overnight. Before, the result of external activities could take up to 15 days to arrive !


“The system works very efficiently and certainly met the expectations of streamlining the information flow,” Dirce explains. 


The system also solved the problem of organizing the external team’s routines. 


“If we establish that promoters have to comply with a certain number of visits, we can control it through the OfficeTrack system. We also know if the visits were made, if that point of sale was attended and addressed, among other aspects,” he said


For the directors, the investment has already paid off, especially since 3CON provided a grace period to use the software, which helped DMC get a clearer sense of the system’s advantages and business return. 


We had no initial costs until the system was fully implemented. Based on that grace period and the practical return, the system paid for itself and we were satisfied. We also had no problems with technical support or with the commercial area. 3CON’s flexibility in adapting to our reality, negotiation, excellent service and post-sales follow-up made the difference“, said Marcelo Boer.


Executives also revealed that OfficeTrack did not require any significant IT investment, not even a change of machines, as everything is in the cloud. The only additional investments were the higher-speed Internet data packages, as OfficeTrack needs higher bandwidth for good data traffic, and 3/4G cell phones. 


They also mentioned, despite the user-friendly system, it was necessary to organize training for the teams, especially for promoters from other regions of the country.


Resistance to change is normal. The developer’s adaptation to the new platform was a challenge, but it was soon overcome, especially as they understood the advantages and the company evolution” they commented. “Now, promoters even receive the day’s visit schedule through a smartphone. The field routine is more organized and convenient for everyone,” he finished.

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